Monday 12th May – busy day!

Up as normal and school run done it was time for T and I to go and get Sophie from the Sunflower Lodge and head to the park.

I’d found the old pushchair/buggy in the garage and although it doesn’t fold down it does fit in the boot! It’s wheel does fall off though….. But for purposes of walking through the park to the zoo it was very preferable to carrying T!!

We had a great time at the zoo, looking at all the animals and playing in the playground. Out of the 3 of us I’m not sure who had more fun!!




After a quick lunch it was time to head to the Boys High to watch the rugby – dad is part of the coaching team. Sophie and Kathryn came along too. The Boys rugby pitch is in what’s known as the Gully, they stand on the terraces and do the haka to the opposition – Sophie had heard about it so was really excited to see it before she leaves on Tuesday. We spotted dad and then settled into a spot on the terrace opposite the Boys, with the opposition from Auckland. It was now that the heavens opened and the 4 of us huddled under Sophie’s roll mat, wrapped in coats, trying to keep T dry – he doesn’t like getting wet! When the rain moved to horizontal dad brought is a foil blanket for extra dryness and warmth – heaven sent!!!

Thankfully the Boys did their haka in the first half – it was an awesome sight, rows and rows of boys performing their war cry – was totally worth sitting in the rain for!

We left not long into the second half, there was only so much rugby in the rain we needed to see and the school run was a good excuse to leave!!!

In the evening I tried ceroc dancing – feel free to Google, I had to! Was invited by a friend and it turned out to be really good fun, learn bits of moves and then put them all together and there you are dancing! Works well when absolute beginners are dancing with more experienced, falls apart when 2 absolute beginners meet!!!

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