Friday 9th May – the vomitron spews forth

After the school run T was unusually sleepy and then the reason became clear – he was sick, literally, everywhere…. a day of vomiting commenced…….

I sent a text to the mum after the first 2 times, she wasn’t too worried, just keep fluids up etc, but by the 6th time it was time for me to get backup! Dad came home at lunch time to take to T the doctors……. He accused me of just wanting the afternoon off (!) but after 6x in one morning, running out of clean clothes (him and me) and sofa cushions, T was swapped to PJs for a while to bolster the stock of t shirts and shorts even he admitted it was time for action!!

They got back from the doctors (where T had been sick 1x) not really any wiser why he might be sick, but at least I hadn’t overreacted! Mum had come back with them, so I could leave in time to get to the gym for 4:15

Kick boxing!!! It was really good, I worked hard, made sure there was much less rest than at bootcamp – kept Brent on his toes keeping me busy!!

Had to zoom back to have a shower and head out to collect Sophie and her work colleague before heading to Burger Fuel for dinner (the peanut pistol for me) and then on to the rugby!! Chiefs vs Blues – the Chiefs won, so was a good evening!






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