Wednesday 7th May – Dad’s 65th birthday!!

Today’s routine was broken with the excitement of Wednesday Crackerjacks at the library in town. Today was our first trip into the town, had to take the nappy bag, stocked full of nappies, clothes etc!

We did OK, got there, parked, loads of time to spare so we popped in to the shopping centre – centre city – to see if I could find a hoody/hoodie(?). We did, it was $15!!! I tried it on and T (2yo) approved, so purchase made!

By this time I’d realised that next week/trip to town we needed to bring the pushchair – he gets heavy after not too long…..

Thankfully we weren’t far from the library, so we popped across the road and downstairs to the children’s floor – amazing place with not only books, but interactive stuff, cosy reading areas.

Crackerjacks is a weekly thing where the librarians read books, sing songs and do crafty stuff. Today we sang ‘see you later alligator’ I never knew there was a whole song!! And we made a streamer dancey thing (not sure it has an official name)

See streamery thing in background!

After that excitement we met up with Grant for coffee where we met on ANZAC day (should find out what its called!) He was very impressed with the streamer thing!!!!

By the time we were back T was more than ready for a sleep and the day carried on as before.

In the evening it was my dads 65th birthday – morning of 7th May in the UK. I skyped him with the children, we all sang happy birthday and then I got to say hello by myself! He was having a good day, my card had arrived and his present, although his present was sent with one for my mum and she’d assumed they were both for her – poor dad!!


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