Sunday 4th May – Pukeiti Puffer

Awake 7ish, up 8ish after a great sleep!

Had breakfast with everyone – peanut butter on toast and a coffee

Shown around the house a bit more, where things are kept etc before getting ready to go for my run – I realised while trying to do this that the getting ready was hampered by the fact that my running stuff, that I’d left drying in the conservatory at the lodge was still there!

After a quick detour, I drove out to Pukeiti, all narrow and windy, but very pretty. I arrived in time to see the 2km children’s race – there were some really speedy kids. I registered and had my number written on my hand – much easier than faffing with safety pins!

Marker pen - job done

The run started at 11:15 the weather was drizzly, but not particularly chilly, which is good as I still only have a vest to run in!

The start of the 7.3km course was fab, running along grassy/muddy undulating paths, but then the climbs started……

The Puffer part of the run’s name come from the 1.5km climb to reach the highest point of the course, but the hills were there all the way through. The climb was evil, you popped out onto a road with a cheery marshal pointing us even further up to reach the summit…. We weren’t rewarded with a view as it was misty/raining, but once we were back among the trees there were some awesome muddy downhill tracks that once you put fear aside were so much fun to run down! There were still more mean ups to go, but this section of the run was far more fun and I was beaming all the way back in.

I finished in 66:33 – a terrible time for road running a 4.5ish mile run, but I’m pleased to have got around the course, wasn’t last and even managed to overtake 2 women I’d been doggedly following most of the way round!

Rosy in the cheeks I found my jacket and water bottle – stowed safely near the ‘sausage sizzle’ (only $2) and headed back to the car to pop on my jandals and head back to my new home.

Taken by the sausage sizzle lady!

Arrived back to be told I was muddy and needed a shower!!

Spent the afternoon sorting my stuff, hanging out and we walked the school run ready for the morning – turns out I’ve run through the school back in January when I was running with the New Plymouth Joggers and Walkers.

Had Sunday chicken dinner, watched TV and headed for bed ready for the morning!!


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