Monday 5th May – I’m an au pair!!

Who would have thought it?? Clearly not my friends or parents judging by comments on Facebook!

A brief summary of the day

7am Up (as in out of bed, no time for films this morning)
8am parents leave
Walk school to drop G off
Back with T
Morning snack
Collect G in car as raining
Soaked to skin walking from car to school and back!!
Afternoon tea
4pm parents home

Pizza with John – he picked me up and met the kids!!

In a slight mix up during a text conversation John thought it was my birthday when it was Sophie’s, so we were going out for birthday dinner. We went via Sunflower Lodge, I got given Sophie’s tiara and balloon (John if you do read this I’m very sorry, especially since the arrival of Richard. But really you should have remembered you’ve already wished me a happy birthday once this year, 8th March, I was in Christchurch, went to see the Crusaders play…….)

We went to Arborio, 241 pizza night, had a really great catch up/chat/laugh etc. Then somehow my birthday was mentioned to the waiters, they sung happy birthday to me, we got a special dessert and we treated ourselves to a port and lemoncello (individually, not mixed!!) John had never had lemoncello, he is now a fan!!!!


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