Saturday 3rd May – murder at the Sunflower Lodge?

Up early for work, merrily getting on with things when suddenly there’s a piercing scream, more than just a scream of laughter, so walk down towards the noise…… Find a gaggle of girls outside my dormroom and Julia in a state of panic/shock. Apparently there was a spider on Julia’s trousers which when she went to put them on leapt onto her arm and it was MASSIVE, no really it was!!

Glad no one was being murdered I returned to work, reassuring the guests all was OK……

After work it was time to pack up my stuff ready to move to my new job in the afternoon. By the time Grant arrived for us to go to lunch I was pretty much done!

We had a great lunch at the Bach overlooking the sea, nice and cosy inside away from the rain – amazing amazing eggs Benedict!! After lunch we agreed that a bit of water wouldn’t kill us and walked out along the sea defences watching the boats come into the port.

After getting a lift back to the lodge I realised I should have got dropped in town – needed to pay the rust man and pick up the car from the glass guys so I could move my stuff. Instead Alan dropped me down as he was off to the rugby. Then I should have realised in the first place that I’m not in 24 hour London anymore and people here have lives, they shut on a Saturday afternoon!!

Instead I had to look mega organised and call the mum of the children I’ll be looking after and she offered to come and get me and all my stuff! The children G (6) and T (2) helped me carry my stuff into the house and my room and helped unpack!

I’d bought a calendar in town earlier in the week, its cool as you can draw/add your own pictures. I asked G and her cousin P to draw me some – instant excitement. Later we discovered my scarves and became pirates….

We had roast chicken for dinner, yum! I cuddled the cat, Nugget, was attacked by Nugget, bled a bit but was all fine!

Watched the Lone Ranger, good but not great, then headed to bed – my own bedroom, my own double bed, wardrobe, desk, bedside light in a house with central heating – amazing!!!!


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