Friday 2nd May – Sophie’s 21st birthday!

We were up at 6.30 – birthday girl Sophie, Evelyn, Kathryn and Nicole – on mission ‘see Mr Taranaki from the lake’

Sophie checked the webcam at the top of Mt Taranaki and there were no clouds so it was go go go!

We got in the car (still no rear screen) and headed for the lake. From the top of the road we saw him looking amazing, more spectacular views on the way and when we got to the lake we were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise behind us with the light reflecting off Mr T – the birthday girl was very happy, as were all of us!

Birthday Girl!
Sunrise at the lake
Mount Taranaki with no cloud!!!!
Finally we did it!!

We stayed for ages taking photos and watching the colours change as the sun rose, but we all had to get back for work, so reluctantly left.

Back of the lodge I wolfed down some breakfast and drove into town to see the rust man…. He asked what had happened to my windscreen and after I explained he said he’d drop Tom over to the repairers once he was done – what a star!

I rushed back to work and was there with no time to spare and opened reception bang on 8:30.

After a busy morning, made a yummy omlette with blue cheese and spinach followed by an apple, then sat reading over my CV and job description, who was going to be interviewing me and what the department was like

Afternoon shift started at 3pm, felt weird hanging out washing knowing I was on the countdown to a potentially life changing moment. Sophie agreed to run interference on reception by showing any new arrivals to their rooms once I was in my interview, so I closed reception (the place closest to the WiFi!), checked the Skype camera and waited……

The call came and I was greeted to a cheery hello from the 3 interviewers, but warned that the sound might go and if it did we’d swap to the phone. Sure enough about 5 mins in the speakers were full of radio static and after me waving and a quick Skype text they called me on my phone – Skype video still running. Then the video went (I realised later I was out of WiFi credit) so we carried on by phone. That was really hard as you couldn’t see any feedback to your answers, if you’d got the right end of the stick in terms of what they wanted to hear, but it seemed to go OK, they were happy with my responses, one was excellent! We discussed my lack of visa and why on earth I wanted to leave London, but was a good opportunity to mention that I was already looking into my Expression of Interest and how a job offer will really help my points, and that I really want to move to NZ, not just coming for 6 months and leaving which seemed to put their minds more at ease.

Will hear some time next week, so now just to wait.

Interview over, I joined the girls getting ready for Sophie’s birthday BBQ and had a sneaky beer – not allowed to drink when working, but bosses away and I leave tomorrow, so we agreed it would be OK!

Sophie, Kathryn and Nicole

Sophie and Hannah!

Despite reception not closing until 7pm, we sat down to eat at 5pm so Evelyn could join us before she had to leave for work. Was a lovely, accidentally quite German, meal – meat, bread, potato salad and beer!

There was cake and singing and more beer followed by a game of ‘who am I’ with masking tape stuck to our heads – was a lovely evening with just the girls – Sophie, Hannah, Julia, Kathryn, Nicole and Evelyn although we allowed 3 boys to join us for a while – Alan, Marvey and Daniel, a guest who’s here on a wrestling scholarship – who knew that existed?!


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