Thursday 1st May – pinch and a punch!

Boot camp – run, circuits, abs, 400 cycling crunches 200 crunches….. But circuits are feeling easier than they did when I started going

It was an amazing morning, sunny with snow on the mountain, loved the 5 minute drive home!


Back, had breakfast only to discovered I’d been pinched and punched by John, unacceptable, the beauty of the morning had distracted me from my monthly task!! So, I got on it and pinched and punched everyone I could think of to make up for the slackness……

Heard back from Auckland and they want to Skype on Friday, drama re au pair job, tell them or not?

Skyped with Matt for the first time in ages, so good to talk, I stood in the sunshine as we chatted.

Went into town to sort the windscreen, $1000 for one in bronze, which matches the other windows, or $300 for one in green…. Apparently I won’t know the difference, so $300 it is!

As it was such a beautiful day I headed out to lake with Sophie, Kathryn and Evelyn and Marvey. We had an awesome view of the mountain on the drive out, but by the time we were at the lookout Taranaki was hidden under clouds….. On the way home we agreed we’d try coming back in the early morning if it was clear again – determined to get a photo of the mountain from the lake!!



When we got back I watched some TV, had a snooze and then went shopping with Julia to get ingredients to make Sophie’s birthday cake!!

Oh. How we laughed when we realised we could put the shopping in the boot just through the window!


Even if i say so myself Julia and I made the most amazing chocolately chocolate cake.



It was also Tori’s birthday today. I can make free calls to Australia on my phone so we (Sophie, Julia and I) called her to sing happy birthday!

Sadly then I got a message from mum asking if I could skype. I knew what was coming, and I was right. Grandma had died. So sad, so far away. Sat in tears for a while, got a lovely hug from Hannah and Sophie, and some really lovely messages from people, I have some great friends


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