Wednesday 30th April – with the good comes the bad

Up in time to call home before my parents went to bed! Sadly grandma is still no better or any worse. She’s only on fluids, refusing nutrition, so really no chance of getting better…….

The lady from Auckland called back. She had a couple of questions, especially about my visa status! She said if there was a possibility of them sponsoring me then they’d interview me – she’d call back in a day or so.

I went into town to try and get the Warrant of Fitness (WOF , like a MOT in the UK) for my car. Sadly it wasn’t good news from the AA man…., Tom (my car) has failed, mostly rust – can’t be within 100mm of a hinge and a couple of other bits. So I was sent to a panel beater – Ross someone (hoped it was a good omen) he seemed v nice and I was to come back on Friday.

So headed into town on my last mission of the day,to send a present to my friend in the UK. It felt like a mission as I couldn’t find an envelope anywhere, where’s WHSmith when you need them?! Got there in the end and it’s already arrived (I’m writing this several days after it was posted!!)

Got back to the lodge and decided I’d give Tom a treat and give him and wash inside and out and a hoover. It was quite a task as I’d not done it since I’d bought it and I’m fairly certain it had never been done by his previous owners!

During this I had a message from mum saying they’d had a call saying go back to the hospital asap….. So she was, asked her to get in touch as soon as there was any news, but realistically I wasn’t going to hear anything until the morning.

Finished the car cleaning and thought I’d be good and move him out of the car park and onto the road….. As I reversed out of my space there was a noise that sounded like a pile of something had fallen over in the boot. What as happened was I’d reversed into a fire box on the outside of the lodge and smashed the rear windscreen…..

Just one rude word, I pulled back into the space, went back inside, burst into tears and was promptly given a baileys!

Once I’d pulled myself back together Sophie came out with me to help sweep up the glass/laugh more and take photos!


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