Tuesday 29th April – snow on Mount Taranaki!!

Boot camp this morning was fun. There was running, abs, crunches and obliques, kettle bells 12kg, kicking and the grinder – I managed to keep it over 30rpm for a whole minute!

On the drive home I caught my first glimpse of Mr T covered in snow – was so excited!! Stopped off at the supermarket to get coffee and some spontaneous ginger hot x buns. I also told the lady at the checkout to get outside and see the mountain!!

View from the supermarket
And from the race course

I worked in the morning and then popped into town with Sophie and got a bday card for Dad and another impulse purchase for a friend at home ( http://howibecameasuperhero.wordpress.com)

Last night when I’d got home from dinner I had an email from someone I’d applied to be an au pair with back when I was still in Australia. They wanted someone who could stay until December and I have to leave NZ end of September. They’d found someone but turns out they’ve dropped out and were wondering if I was still in NP. I am and so we organised for me to go around and say hello. They were lovely, 2 super cute children and they both work in education – one at WITT and the other at NP Boys High. I said I’d talk to Rachel and Alan and see when I could start (ideally Monday as that’s when school starts again!)

Worked in the afternoon and drama upon drama I discovered a missed call on my phone and the second half of a voicemail message. On googling the number that had called it was from Auckland University, but the switchboard number. The voicemail gave me another number but it didn’t work and the message was left by a woman but referenced a man….. Mild panic ensued – I’d applied for a job with the uni, the closing date had been Sunday, so was this a spooky coincidence or was it them offering me an interview??? Finally I found a number for the person I’d report to if I got the job, it was already after 5pm, but left a message hoping I’d found the right person ……

I had dinner with John at Joe’s Garage, as ever much laughter and micky taking and gossiping about his latest dates!

Go back and went to speak with Alan and Rachel about leaving, thankfully they were fine about, so texted my new boss to tell her!


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