Monday 28th April – data entry and surfing

I wasn’t working today so got to do my washing, dry out the tent, catch up on some blogs (slow going as I’m so far behind)

In the afternoon I decided I’d go down to DOC and do some data entry for them – not good at sitting still!! I’m currently their best volunteer!! I had to ask, I’m also their only! Such a shame considering the fun things you can do with them. Fingers crossed I’ll get to go and help with some maintenance next week up at the ski field on the mountain and do some kiwi listening (the bird, not the people and their accents as some have thought…)

In the evening Puke Ariki were having a late night opening as part of the surf festival, I was meeting a friend for dinner and then we were going to go and watch a film they were showing (Soul Surfer). I arrived early at the resturant, so wandered into Puke Ariki to keep warm, there just happened to be free wine (rude not to) and 2 lovely ladies came over to chat as I was alone – how nice is that!!

We went to Arborio for Monday night 241 pizza – really yummy!! Spotted Ana and Conal (old Sunflower Lodge buddies) through the window while we were eating, so went to say hi after and then were lucky enough to get to listen to Bethany Hamilton speak – a surfer who lost her arm to a shark bite at an early age – and it was her film we’d gone to see.


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