Sunday 27th April – Tough Mudder day 2

Up at 5:30am today – lie in!!

All good, but packing up a wet tent in the dark isn’t so much fun!

Got to check people in this morning and made sure I was assigned to cage crawl again!

We had Vinnie/Vince from Shortland Street whooping us up this morning (I had to ask!)

Another beautiful day


Another awesome day, some amazing people running, really overcoming their fears of claustrophobia, it never occurred to me that you’d feel claustrophobic, but some people were scared rigid, one in particular, but she talked herself into the obstacle and we talked her through and she got there – amazing. In fact today no one bypassed our obstacle, yesterday we’d had 5, still not bad for 7000 people!

The water looked delightful this morning!

Tracy who was with Chris and I the day before ran the course today, she’d made a group of other volunteers and Forest – a crazy guy who’d run the course 2x yesterday – think Forest Gump post run, beardy! Lovely guy, got a wet, muddy hug and kiss!! Oh, and a random guy gave me a flower…..

There were far less people running today, so we finished early, walked the course back picking up signs/tape as we went.

Left at 3pm and drove back to NP, had to stop for petrol and for the first time ever a nice lady did it for me!!

Was really rainy over the mountain, bit scary on the twisty roads with idiot drivers sat up my bottom

Got back around 7pm to see that Julia had arrived – she was a lodgemate from January so really good to see her again

As I’d traveled straight back I was still in my muddy Tough Mudder gear, including the mud on my face! In fact I had some rather attractive mud tan lines! I jumped in the shower and felt a whole world better and certainly more suitable for being sociable!!!

Team Cage Crawl!!



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