Saturday 26th April – Tough Mudder!!!

The alarm went off at a painful 4:55am

After a quick peanut butter/bread (so early the kitchen wasn’t open!) It was off to the racecourse, nice and easy back to the highway, and keep going until you saw the signs!!

Once we’d registered and handed over our death waivers we were allocated obstacles – I got electro shock therapy – was so excited as it’s the last obstacle on the course and an evil one!! Then we picked up awesome orange t shirts and waited!

Finally awesome breakfast paninis arrived, but there was no tea…..

We then had a welcome chat and were split into the course areas and obstacles…. I was moved to cage crawl, really disappointed, but hey, what can you do??

We were driven out there as we were at the far end of the course, the sunrise was amazing and seeing all the cloud hanging over the fields was pretty cool.

Even cooler were my obstacle buddies Tracy and Chris – Tracy from NP and Chris from UK! The cage crawl turned out to be such a fun one to be on – people were generally relieved it wasn’t as bad as they thought it was going to be!

Our obstacle

Topping up the water from the creek


And even even better was that I saw 4 people I knew!

Rangi from the Pouakai Hut the weekend before
John who’d stayed at the Sunflower Lodge a week or so before
But best of all

Sal and Sarah – 2 amazing ladies I met in Borneo – I spotted Sal as she was in the water, I said hi, she said hi, I kept staring and then she realised who I was!!! Cue much screaming and me being sent to another trench to do the same again to Sarah and more screaming, giggling and hugging once they were out of the water – such a highlight!

There was a lot more hugging, high 5ing and general high spirits, such an awesome day and I get to do it all over again tomorrow!!


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