Friday 25th April – ANZAC day and trip to Huntly

So, 25th April is Anazac Day here in NZ and in Australia. They have dawn services all over the country to remember those who died, those who survived and those still fighting.

Although they have the dawn services, they also have them later in the day too so that the farmers can attend.


In New Plymouth the service started at 6am with a massive turn out, the various services/cadets paraded in, the national anthems of NZ (both English and Maori) and Australia were sung, there was a piper and some serious gunshots (everyone by me jumped at the first round!)

Once the service was over I met a friend for a walk along the foreshore and a coffee once the shops were open. Most places stay shut until 1pm on ANZAC to allow everyone to attend the services, but there were a few places open


Back at the lodge I Skyped home to see how Grandma was, no better, going to be moved into a nursing home over the weekend.

I also saw Denny, the owners daughter, she’d also been to the service and very sweetly had worn a red scarf – I was asking around for one the night before as it’s what my grandpa wears to the Remembrance Day parade back home, no one had one, so she found one back home and wore it for me!

Packed for the weekend of Tough Mudder volunteering, clothes for every occasion, tent, sleeping bag, done!

Filled up the car with petrol and hit the road! The drive was OK, fun going over the mountain, v twisty and narrow in parts. Found the campsite easily and was there before dark – was most pleased!


Even better the tent went up easily, seems massive with just me. Used the ‘free’ mattress that came with the car (Tom, the guy I bought it from hadn’t got around to getting rid of it!) So was a super comfy and cosy night.


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