Wednesday 23rd April – Cotton On buddies

After the morning shift Sippie and I headed out for our lunch date at the Bach. Neither of us had been before, apart from yesterday when it was shut, so much excitement, even more so as it was a sunny day and we could sit outside. The menu was amazing and we both struggled to pick, but in the end I went for a brunch stack with halloumi(?) and Sippie the granola!!


The food was delicious, can’t wait to go back!!

Sadly it was then time to head to the bus stop – foolishly the one by the Boys High rather than the one in town, so arranged to meet her in town as that was the bus’s next stop!!!

We happened to meet near the mall and Sippie had never seen the cafe in there with the awesome view of the water, so up we went and happened to pop in to Cotton On and glance at the sale rail…… There were 2 v cute ‘fit to flirt’ vest tops reduced to $10/£5 – who could resist that!?

Soon it was time to wave goodbye and zoom back to work

Bye bye roomie x


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