Tuesday 22nd April – end of an era

This morning was the last boot camp Sippie and I will go to together….. Very sad as she’s good company and it’s always good to have a buddy to make sure you get out of bed!

On the way back we stopped for a little treat of croissants and to pick up some coffee!

I had to pop into town to drop my DOC stuff off from the weekend, bit was back in time for Sippie and I to head to the port to see the boats leave for their trip to Australia – we’d heard about on the radio on the way back from boot camp and thought we’d go see!! Have to say it was an anticlimax….. They were pottering about and then randomly headed in the same direction and that seemed to be about it. So we decided to go for a coffee to make the trip more worthwhile!!

Sippie had been looking for a place called ‘The Batch’ since she’d arrived, but to no avail. I spotted a sign for it as we walked along, Sippie was confused and then all was revealed!! The kiwis pronounce ‘Bach’ a holiday home as ‘Batch’, giggles all round we headed in that direction – but it was closed 😦

We went to another cafe instead just as the heavens opened and it poured with rain. Forced into coffee drinking we decided we’d go back to Bach on Sippie’s last day for lunch (handily enough tomorrow!)

When we couldn’t delay the journey back to the car any longer we made a run for it! Dived into the car just as the rain got even heavier. Giggling we drove back to the lodge in time for me to start work.

As it was Sippie’s last night Sophie and I met her in town (when she’d finished her barista course) and had a drink before heading back to the lodge for drinks with Alan and Rachel – a fun evening all round, especially when the Baileys came out!


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