Sunday 20th April – Easter Day!

Not the best sleep – no heating and only me in hut, but couldn’t be bother to move anywhere, so added a T-shirt and went to sleep instead!

Woke around 7:30 to find Dave, from Inglewood (home of the infamous rugby team/broom handle incident), was already up and had stoked the fire – awesome!!

Coffee, peanut butter/nutella sandwiches and a creme egg!

Easter bunny had brought Ros, Rangi and Bart a loo roll – they were so happy! Also slipped Ros couple of passion fruit the 5 guys had left behind as a surprise for later!

Slowly everyone left, but before my 3 new friends did 2 ladies from Holly Hut appeared, one of which knows Bart from Welly. Also turned out Rangi is doing Tough Mudder in Auckland on Saturday so I’ll hopefully see her there!!

My boots were still soaking from the day before so I was planning a quiet day reading, that never happened as there was a steady stream of walkers/trampers coming to the hut, and it’s far more fun to talk to them!!

There had been a group of 12 over at Holly hunt the night before and sure enough they turned up at Pouakai in the afternoon – really lovely bunch, most known each other since primary school.

The most popular topic of conversation was would the river on next days walk be too high/dangerous to cross….. When I radioed in for my ‘are you still alive’ check I asked them to check their crystal ball….. It revealed that if there had been no rain in the 2 hours prior to them arriving it would be fine, if there was rain then maybe not…. Some of the girls weren’t so keen on this so offered them a lift to North Egmont to pick up their cars the following morning.

The evening was lovely, a full hut of 20 people all drying out, warming up, swapping stories and playing games.



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