Friday 18th April – Pouakai Hut here we come!

Up early and work till 10 – Sippie and I both thought we were working so we split the shift!

Had hot cross buns for breakfast, sorted food and clothes for the weekend and after a quick lunch I headed off to the mountain with Sophie – she had the day off so decided to adventure with me!

We walked up to the Pouakai hut in 1 hr 50 with water stops every 30mins – it’s like we knew!

Was a v sunny day in NP, so at first we were sweaty, then v humid, then in the clouds, so arrived at the hut v wet and rather windswept.

When we reached the hut, we changed into dry clothes and went for a nose in the wardens hut and decided it was time for cup of tea!!

It felt a much easier walk than last time even with heavy pack, think boot camp is paying off!

Radioed in to say we’d arrived and by now it was 4:30. Sophie made up the fire from the embers of the old one.

We had 2 runners briefly come in to gulp down food and water before heading back down and then 2 walkers stayed for a chat and a cup of tea, but they too were soon gone and then we were alone…..

We decided to wait until 6 to start making dinner – had to space out the fun. We had noodles, carrots, tuna and an egg, it was delicious, eaten in front of the fire – very romantic!

By 7pm we’d decided no one else would be arriving and so we made up the beds – mattresses and sleeping bags in front of fire. It was super cosy and we were probably asleep by 8pm!!


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