Thursday 17th April – boot camp and bleeding knuckles

Lie in to 5:30!!

We gave ourselves an extra 15 minutes in bed and were still there early

It was pouring with rain so no running around the block, instead we did 100s of abs to warm up,

100 crunches
50 side plank raises on each side
100 crunches
50 side planks

Small pads, lunge/kicks then kick/press up from 1 to 10

Circuit of grinder, high kicks, low kicks, high knees, upper cuts, punches over punch bags and one more thing I can’t remember!

That was our hour – went so quickly

Managed to bruise and remove skin from my knuckles and make the skin between my little finger and the next one bleed – I need toughening up!

Back, via countdown for orange juice and hot cross buns, had a rest ready for Sippie pancakes!

Managed to fit in another snooze before work.

Had a panic halfway through my shift as we discovered that the shops all close on Good Friday, ie tomorrow, so need to go food shopping!

Chatted to guests re walks for rainy weather perfect practise for the weekend in the hut.

Tried to Skype Nikki, but rubbish WiFi at her end, she’s been poorly, v sad not to be able to properly chat as last time before she sets sail for New York 😦

Finished work bang on 7pm as it was staff pizza night – super yummy homemade ones

Alan and Rachel (although mostly Alan) decided to launch ‘operation find emma a husband so she can get married and stay in nz’ but it had to be cut short as food shopping needed to be done!

Was a busy evening as John then came over to watch ‘shark vs octopus’ an awesome film from the Flight of the Concords guy

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