Monday 14th April – hello San Francisco!

Work in the morning and finally a message from home. My parents were on their way to see grandma. She already suffers from dementia and she’d had a stroke. Not sure of the medical term, but she’d woken up but she was totally non responsive – time to wait some more.

And wait I did – I needed a repeat prescription from a doctor, but wasn’t clear how to go about it – everything I’d read implied I needed a work visa/residency. Thankfully that turns out to be for registering with a doctor. After a false start in one surgery I was pointed in the right direction. Had to pay for my appointment and then sat and waited for 2 hours! Thankfully there was a stash of gossip magazines, including some from the UK and they were recent!!

The doctor was nice, but a bit random in his prescribing. Thankfully the chemist sorted me out, he’d put me onto something similar but different to what I normally take – he’d told me they didn’t have the drug I normally take – they did, it’s just more expensive.

I was just on my way home when Nikki messaged to say she had WiFi and could we Skype? 5 minutes later and we were! Me sat outside the Lodge and she in a mobile home next to Lake Tahoe – love the modern world! Was so good to talk to her, been over a month as she’s been sailing across the Pacific!!! So happy as she looks amazing, with her awesome family who’d gone out to meet her and in some crazy way had enjoyed the trials of being away in a crazy sea for so long.

As I finished talking with nikki my mum messaged to say they had Skype access too. So called them to find out how grandma is. Really sad as the doctors have said that she will gradually fade away, she’s on fluids and pain relief but they won’t resuscitate her. Not the best news, but mum seemed to be doing OK, holding it together and her hair looked amazing!

Traumatic phone over I was treated by Phil to a dinner out – I’d done his washing during the day!! We went to a Thai in town (I’d been there before with John) tried Pad Thai this time – it was yummy, up there with my favourite one from Birmingham! Was really good to go out – we’re lazy at the lodge, town is just too far away to be bothered and actually cooking at home is more appealing!!

We stopped by the supermarket to pick up dessert – crumble and custard for Sippie!

I popped by to update Rachel and Alan about my grandma and also to see if I could have the weekend off so I could volunteer with DOC (department of conservation) for the weekend – I’ve applied to volunteer as a hut warden around Mt Taranaki over the Easter weekend. They were fine with that, so excitedly emailed DOC to arrange an induction.

The crumbles had been warmed by the time I’d finished seeing Alan and Rachel, so we dug in – a really nice way to end the day


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