Friday 11th April – lake and mountain

As Sophie and I both had the morning off we took Marvey for a walk around Lake Mangamahoe. The lake is man made and built with the intention of giving people a great view of Mount Taranaki. The last time we were there it was cloudy and we saw nothing. Was sadly the same again, but still a great walk – Marvey was exhausted!



Lunch was yummy – cheese, marmite on ciabatta!

My plan for the afternoon was to pop into town to get some coffee. But when I got to the end of the road 2 guests from the lodge were stood there still trying to hitch to Edgmont National Park. Having nothing better to do I gave them a lift!

It’s only about a 25 minute drive to the Egmont visitor centre, but it’s mostly up, it was chilly there when we arrived. A shame as I would have gone for a little walk, instead I popped into the centre for a nose.


Spent the evening watching Flight of the Concords and chatting to Phil and another running guy, Igor


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