Thursday 10th April – horses on the racecourse

Up 5:15 for boot camp I bumped into a v confused Alan on the way out – why would anyone be awake at this time??

Saw horses/jockeys at the racetrack at the end of the road. It was odd as I’d never seen them there before and it’s what my sisters ex used to do. His funeral is today, it made me think about him as I drove on.

I arrived early at the studio today. There was no one there at 5.45, no one arrived until 5.57, not an early get there and chat place, especially that early in morning!!

Bootcamp started with run round block then 5x 60 sec plank/40 sec rest – just how I love to start the day! Did lots of kicking pads though and that was fun, the pressups in between not so much…..

All done by 7am! Was invited for coffee at what I thought was called Funerals – odd name for a cafe, but did check. Couldn’t see it, may have been Federals – I passed one of those, will have to check next week!!

Back to a darkened hostel for a peaceful breakfast and coffee – a treat to have quiet time!!

Said goodbye to John, he’d already been out and done a run, we swapped boot camp chat – he trains with the same guy!

I went into town to get lunch and applied to be a volunteer with the DOC – general volunteering and to be a hut warden in Edgmont National Park (Taranaki).

As it was pouring with rain I offered Sophie a lift home from work, took a while to find her down at East End beach, I also need to learn how to demist the car properly!!

There’s a Home Show on in NP and have a couple of guys from there staying. One guy, Phil, and I sat chatting, he’s a big runner, done the longest day (coast to coast done in 1 day)


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