Tuesday 8th April – bootcamp

Up 5:15am

Sippie and I were off to boot camp! (She did later admit she’d turned her alarm off at 2am in the hope mine wouldn’t go off either and we’d just sleep – naughty Sippie)

Out of the hostel by 5:30 to discover that someone (is me) had left the inside light on in the car overnight….. Sure enough, flat battery. I was awake enough to know you can’t push start an automatic car, cue flapping, closely followed by me remembering that one of the selling points Tom had mentioned about the car was that it came with a battery charger!!! By the light of a phone we found it, read the instruction, I was nearly electrocuted, but eventually we got it sorted and charging…. It said to give it 15 minutes, we waited 12, there was boot camp to get to!

During those 12 minutes I discovered that in my other pocket I had my head torch, would have made life so much easier!!

We sat in the car, crossed our fingers, turned the key and hurrah! The engine started! In a circuitous way we made it to boot camp just in time.

Good grief, it’s been a long time since I’ve worked that hard, made me miss Jel and BMF! Sweating and breathing our way through circuits 1min on, 40sec rests, runs round the block in between…. Did mean we saw a beautiful sunrise though!

Got to use a grinder, what Nikki uses on the boat for up to 4 minutes at a time. My one minute explains why her arms look so amazing – it’s so hard!

We made it out alive and after a quick trip via New World for orange juice we made it home for breakfast! A while later Sophie was up and treated us to almond croissants – yum

We then showered and set off for a walk to see a lake – Sophie’s suggestion, we should have asked more questions……. The lake was up. Up a relentless set of steps, all up, no downs, no flat bits…… Not ideal terrain after the morning exertions. We followed the Mangorei track up to the Pouakai Hut.



True to form I fell and bashed my knee, hip and palms – now have great bruises!


The hut was cute, but after being hot from walking we soon cooled down. Lunch was courtesy of Sophie and left over from the place she works – delicious baguette of brie, salami, gherkins and rocket.

Revived we carried on to see the lake…. Sophie then revealed it wasn’t so much a lake as a small pond…..



She was right, it was tiny, the photos are very misleading! We had fun trying to take equally misleading photos, selfies and pics on timers




The trip down was so much easier, but further than we remembered, eventually the steps lessened and the boardwalks became longer. Back in the car we headed home for cup of tea and to watch Up – neither Sophie or Sippie had ever seen it – shocking. Also started reading 1Q84, awesome book

Eventually I dragged my tired body for a shower, of seemed only polite as I was meeting a friend (dairy farmer John) for dinner.

We went to Good Home, really nice pub, I had a chicken and brie burger – super yummy. Had an early night, the cows don’t do lie ins!!


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