Sunday 6th April – leaf blowing is fun!

Working out time differences between NZ and the UK has been confusing, NZ, Oz, UK clock change and today a NZ clock change.

Only one person in the lodge forgot about the change, I was just awake early, made worthwhile by being there to tell them they could still be in bed!

Nice relaxed morning shift, even more relaxed by Alan appearing and we stopped to have a coffee and a gossip! By the time we’d stopped talking my shift was over, I had been about to sweep the driveway so was going to put the brush away when Alan revealed he had a leaf blower – that was me playing for the next 30 minutes- they’re so much fun!!

The rest of the day was lunch, chat rachel re jobs, blog catch up and read a book I’ve been saving – The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom


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