Monday 7th April – first in a week of days off

The plan for the day was to apply for a lab managers job that was posted on Friday night.

So I was up and off into town to the library and find a free computer. This was all easily done, not to easy was bumping into an ex-sunflower lodger who was sacked after he didn’t turn up for work for 2 days – an incessant talker – you get 30minutes on the computers and I really didn’t want to spend it talking to him….. Several rude 1 word answers later he half got the message and shut up long enough for me to fill out the form and attach my cv and cover letter.

Next job on the list was pump up the car tyres, had an aborted attempt the previous day when I couldn’t work the machine, this one was much easier!!

Jobs for the day done it was time for lunch and a lazy afternoon watching ‘What happens in Las Vegas’ a v trashy film, but good afternoon viewing!

The laziness was made up for by heading back into town and to Frontrunner – a very friendly running shop that has a running club every Monday at 5:30. I’d spoken to the guy over the weekend and he was very sweet sending everyone off and saying he’d run with me, we went off and a fair pace I checked my garmin and it was 7 something minute miles – I run at more like 10mins/mile! So we slowed down a bit!!

We were doing a really nice run, out to the seafront and past East End and Fitzroy beaches to the lake. I was doing OK, we ran past Sophie working at East End beach and out along the coastal walkway, but decided that I’d turn around at 2 miles, wanted to complete the run and heading back then would mean a doable 4 in total, 6, the planned distance was probably going to be too far. The guys checked I’d be OK getting back, I promised I’d see them at the shop and turned around. Felt better running at my own pace, I was helped along by a beautiful sunset over the sea. I ran back past Sophie to discover her stood at the side of the path with a glass of water for me!! Gratefully drunk I carried on back to the shop and had a good stretch with a lamppost while I waited for the others.

They weren’t too far behind, with promises to be back next week we said our goodbyes. Back to the lodge, shower, dinner and bed – early start tomorrow


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