Saturday 5th April – 5 months away and a banking miracle!

It’s 5 months since I left the UK – how did that happen? I had been telling people recently it was 4!

I got up to find Sophie wrapped up in a duvet in the conservatory, it was lovely, she jumped up to say hello and I got the most amazing hug šŸ™‚ Even if I say it myself the Sunflower Lodge does attract the loveliest people.

It was my first morning working at the Lodge, thankfully it was pretty quiet so I could refamiliarise myself with everything (including Sophie reminding me of the code to get into the office!!).

I’d had a bad nights sleep worrying about sorting out my Halifax card that was declined yesterday….. Phoning the bank, in the UK, on the weekend did not fill me with glee. So once the morning shift was over I went to reactivate the money on my Skype account when I spotted an offer of free Skype calls to any landline (and some mobiles) all over the world – needless to say, expecting my call to be a long one, I signed up.

It has to be said that it wasn’t as bad as I hoped. They’d put a stop on my card as they’d had some returned mail, the stop could be removed – so no need for a new card – phew! But as there’s mail-forwarding on my post I wondered if I could give him my parents address for the future….. Apparently not without me knowing my mobile banking number (I don’t) he said he’d post out a new one and then I could change the address over the phone. I asked him what if the post gets returned to them, we’d then be in a vicious circle – he didn’t like this point, so we agreed to wait and see what happened!! But card authorized to work again, so for now I’m not complaining.

To test out Mr Halifax, I headed into town to put some petrol in the car – much to my relief the card worked!! What I couldn’t get to work was the pump up your tyre machine but half a job done…..

Had an uneventful afternoon on reception, finished in time to have dinner and watch Harry Potter!


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