Friday 4th April – back to New Plymouth!

George had good plans to walk me to the bus stop, that was never going to happen, leaving the flat at 8:30am?!

Instead I tickled his feet to wake him up – he loves that….. – said goodbye and headed for the bus stop.

Thankfully the rain had stopped, so the walk as lovely, and happily I remembered the way!

Another Naked bus to New Plymouth with a small stop in Hamilton Central and New Plymouth and finally dropped off at the Boys School. Mt Taranaki was looking particularly fine as I walked to the hostel – the lovely Sunflower Lodge.

Dropped my bags in reception and found Rachel making up Ana and Conal’s old room – sadly they’d moved out a couple of weeks ago, but only to Fitzroy so not far away. Then Marvey appeared and actually ran down the corridor to see me – such a lovely dog!

My old bed was empty, but rachel didn’t want me moving into an empty room, so I ended up in room 3 on a top bunk 😦

Then Alan came home, had a big hug, quick catch up with promise to catch up soon.

I located my car keys (I’d left them here in case they needed to move the car) and headed to the supermarket to stock up, get my money off petrol voucher and get petrol.

Sadly it didn’t go according to plan as my Halifax card was declined…. All rather embarrassing, but thankfully, after giving back some eggs and cheese, I had enough cash to pay, so no petrol for the car tonight!!


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