Thursday 3rd April – off to Hamilton

Good old Auckland and The Attic

After a good sleep I was up and out to the library to upload more photos to Google Drive – the library has amazing WiFi and it’s free so wanted to make the most of it!!

Treated myself to a Korean pancake (veg and cheese) for lunch, went back to the hostel to pick up my bag, walk to the bus stop, or where I thought the bus stop was….. Was wrong, had to ask a bus driver where I needed to go, had 2 mins to get there and thankfully they were running late as usual (although I did get a telling off!)

An uneventful journey, got off at the university stop and walked through the campus to Momento, my allotted wait-for-George spot, and sat in the sunshine drinking a coffee or two

When George arrived (he’d had a test) we headed back to the cottage he stays in. It was at this point the heavens opened, we ran through campus, George shrieking and people looking out their windows at us passing by!

I met his lovely housemates and we had a good gossipy catch up before having a really fab Chinese takeaway for dinner. We then headed to the rec room to play ping pong, I surprised myself by not being too bad, certainly no worse than George!!

It was George’s housemate, Lauren, birthday the next day, so to celebrate early we went and bought some drinks and headed home to play cards. George’s friend came over with ‘boyfriend issues’ and they disappeared for a heart -to-heart, so Lauren taught me a new card game – diamonds – a crazy drinking game where all you have to do is guess the colour a card will be for 5 in a row. If you get it wrong you drink and have to start again until you get it right or you run out of cards!

By midnight George was done being agony aunt, we sang Lauren Happy Birthday and then headed to bed!!


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