Tuesday 1st April – Emma Day!

Was woken at 3am by my dad pinching and punching me over the interweb. I then kicked him back and set about pinching and pinching people before going back to sleep

Finally woke properly around 11:30!! To find that the others in the dorm had slept in too.

Dragged myself out of bed for a shower, went to Aldi to get some food, had peanut butter and Vegemite sandwiches for lunch, went for a wander, came back chatted to Maddie and a guy called Colin, agreed to team up tonight for the quiz.

After a dinner of pasta, pesto, tuna and tomatoes it was quiz time!!! Great questions and we did pretty well most rounds, we won the best photo round – 3 bonus points – but sadly came 3rd.


To celebrate we treated ourselves to toblerone (?) and strawberries!


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