Monday 31st March – the bees came back!

Had a lazy morning at the hostel, up for the free breakfast, but then back to bed for a doze – had been a noisy night with people coming and going and talking.

New roommate Maddie arrived as I was about to head out, but instead sat and chatted for ages!

Went to a really nice cafe for lunch, Dr Jekyll, they a cold drip coffee – from Guatemala and El Salvador – I tried both along with amazing eggs Benedict and ham on sourdough.

Over lunch I finally got to the bottom of why 1st April is Emma Day – my love of comedy and pinching and punching!

After lunch I went for a wander along Akland Street and gazed at all the yummy cake shops!

In the evening I met up with friends from the UK on Chapel Street. Not that I’m competitive but Google Maps said it would take 39 mins to walk from the hostel, I did it in 30, I also overtook a girl speed walking!!

We met at the Oriental Teahouse, the food was super yummy, I had chicken dumplings with quinoa salad and some sticky rice – oh how I’ve missed that. Was lovely to see them all again, caught up and discovered a reunion in Auckland may be on the cards.

Them having proper jobs and having had a heavy weekend, we had an early evening. I walked at a more leisurely pace back to the hostel to discover there was an open mic karaoke going on, there was also a suggestion of joke telling…. After about 5 minutes of thinking about it I offered to stand up….. It’s been a long time but the bee jokes were back – a very willing audience participated in recommendations for the comedy festival and bee punchlines – I told every one I could remember before having to reluctantly walk away!


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