Sunday 30th March – 1000 steps and Milton Jones

Woke up at a far more reasonable time today! We had time for breakfast and everything before heading out.

For a bit of light exercise we were heading for the 1000 steps…..

“Kokoda Memorial Track (1000 Steps), Named in memory of the notorious Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, this is a steep 1.5-km long staircase that combines hiking through near-jungle conditions with historical plaques documenting the battles against the Japanese and horrific conditions endured by Australian soldiers and their allies.”

Taken from

Details of the Kokoda Track Campaign can be found here

It was a hard walk, a long trek uphill to get to the steps and then proper uphill on a series of stone steps, worn, uneven and wet and muddy. At the bottom there was an area with lots of people stretching, people were running up, walking in hiking kit and others (like us) out for a walk.

Well, before long my heart was thumping, the uphill was relentless, but after hearing that when Andrew had done this with his gf they didn’t make it to the top, that was me, challenge accepted!!

Make it to the top we did! You’re not rewarded with amazing panoramic views, just can see a few steps down where you’ve come from, but that’s not the point of the track, the idea is to experience and remember, so it seems quite apt.

In recent years they’ve made a second track from an old fire road and it also has steps to the side but these have been designed by some sports scientist and are nothing really to do with the original track. As Andrew hadn’t been down this way, that’s the way we went. Running down the steps, seemed easier on the knees than walking the slope!!!

Feeling far more refreshed at the bottom than we did at the top we stopped and read the boards explaining about the track, the troops and what happened – really interesting

When we got back it was time for left over BBQ and a sit to watch some How I Met Your Mother, it’s the last ever episode on Tuesday, they’re massive fans and I’d not seen any of the last series. We managed to fit in a good few episodes!!!

Then sadly it was time to catch the train back into the CBD, catch the wrong tram, then the one going the right way, check into my new hostel in St Kilda, Habitat HQ, before heading out to see Milton Jones.

Milton Jones is another comedian from the UK and also a friend of Tim Vine. They both tell one liners but in very different ways. The show was full, he was funny, no trips into the stage this time or friends made, so back to the hostel afterwards.

Got back and had a nice cup of Tetley tea!


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