Thursday 27th March – Melbourne tourist, trainers and Tim

Up, breakfast and a nespresso – first in nearly 4 months!!

At the suggestion of my friend Matt I walked into the city along river, really nice walk with lots to look at. The river walk takes you into the city at Federation Square – perfect for stopping at tourist info!

A very nice man gave me the guide to the Melbourne Comdey Festival – handily starting today!! I walked down to the Town Hall, where the booking office is, and joined an unexpectedly short queue to book tickets – tonight’s Tim Vine Chat Show and to see Milton Jones on Sunday (I know they’re both British comedians, but as is every British persons mantra ‘they’re so much cheaper to see here!’)


Important stuff done it was time to take in some sights of Melbourne, randomly the first sight was Milton Jones! Thought about saying hello, but what was I going to say??

Sightseeing was temporarily interrupted by the discovery of a shoe shop selling vivobarefoot shoes. You can only get them on the South Island of NZ which would be an expensive trip! So effectively I’m saving money buying them here, so that makes it OK to get 2 pairs right?

For trail running

So I have shoes that aren’t jandals or trainers! And they weren’t full price…..

They even have their own twitter hashtags – #VivoBreatho (nice rhyme) and #VivoJingJing – crazy!

After all that excitement it was time for coffee, so walked to another Matt recommendation – Pellegrinis – a Melbourne institution by all accounts, old style Italian coffee bar complete with old style Italians, but disappointingly the coffee was not that great – Australia sets its coffee standard v high…..

I managed to wander my way bak to the train station and got the train back to South Yarra for what turned out to be a cup of tea and a hot x bun with April. Perfect chillax before heading back into town to see Tim Vine.

As I still had plenty of time I decided to walk back in. Was home time for the workers so was passed by loads of runners and cyclists, I managed not to trip them up and they didn’t run me over, so job well done.

It being the first night of the festival, things weren’t running too smoothly, so we had to form a little queue outside the Town Hall. Ahead were 2 Aussies and behind me was a lovely girl called Charlotte from the UK. Everyone was v excited to see Tim and soon enough we were in and for extra leg room we headed for the front row! We were soon joined by another Brit called Gaz, from Manchester, works for BBC radio there.

The show is called ‘Tim Vine’s Chat Show’ the guests aren’t famous, but instead drawn from the audience. We all found a slip of paper on our seats, filled in name, occupation (lab manager on sabbatical) and a fact/incident (can fit fist in mouth) and handed them to a guy who took them backstage for Tim to select his guests.

Tim’s style is very much one liners, sight gags and silly songs/dances (think dad-jokes just don’t say that to him!) Perfect if you ask me!!!

Anyway, we had an arts admin person who’d caught a llama, a dinosaur guy, someone who’s mates had given him a fake job and fact. Then there was a guy who was on sabbatical, a lab manager (sound familiar?) and was called ‘oh it’s a woman’ yes, it was me!!!

We chatted about my sabbatical how I got it/why, what kind of lab I worked in, the research, he was interested in lupus, but not great comedy material! Eventually it was time to put my fist in my mouth, he thought it was ‘disgusting’ but he had asked to see it!!


After the show he said he’d come out and talk to people (there was another show waiting to come in). Charlotte had to rush off and see Milton Jones, but Gaz and I waited for him and what a treat it was!

Tim came out and was happy to chat, sign my slip of paper (to my sister another massive fan)


We talked the show, cultural differences – Aussies don’t know the word muggins or have the AA for car breakdowns, how he got into comedy, being in Melbourne, his brother, his parents, having jokes similar to other comedians, how I should have said hello to Milton Jones earlier, Not Going Out, lupus (turns out he knows someone with it). He bought us coffee, we took some photos and were still chatting when Charlotte came out from Milton’s show! We all then had a personal viewing of Pen Behind the Ear then Pen Behind the Ear photos – what a great guy


Charlotte and I walked to the train together so excited at our evenings and how lucky we were to be in Melbourne and at just the right time – thanks Mr Vine


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