Friday 28th March – a bit of a day

Today confirms my belief that you can’t have a good day without a bad one following close behind…….

I’d sent my Tim photos to my sister last night, she replied with – no way!!!!!!!! But as she’d just been to see Frank Skinner in London couldn’t complain too much!

Went for a potter along Chapel Street – lots of shops/restaurants and runs pretty much parallel to where I’m staying. Off Chapel Street is the Prahran Market, a fresh food market with cafes – stopped here for lunch and had a ham and cheese croissant with a long black and sat in the sunshine and read. Love it here, you can sit somewhere for ages and just read, no one seems to mind.

I’ve not had my hair cut since leaving Malaysia, so mid-January, despite Matt making me promise not to get it cut, I never actually did, so decided today was the day to tidy the mop up. I asked around various shops, but no one could advise, so I took the plunge and asked in a hairdressers for a price -$90! Way more than I pay at home so asked if they knew somewhere cheaper and they sent me to the Korean place across the road. They were $40, I was a bit dubious re Western vs Asian hair, but hey, what’s the worst that could happen? He did have blue hair after all!!! Well, I got an awesome head massage/hair wash and after my usual vague description of how my hair goes the blue haired hairdresser set to work. The result was pretty good, hair cut, tidy and well, perfectly OK!

I came out of the hairdressers and continued my potter along Chapel Street through the secondhand book and antique shops. Exhausting stuff, I had to stop for coffee and cheesecake – it turned out to be good coffee but rubbish cheesecake.

I then got the train back to south yards to pack and get ready to leave. April came home and we chatted some more.

It was then I got a text from my mum saying she had bad news….. My mind went straight to my grandparents or my parents dogs…….

Then the message arrived. My sisters ex-boyfriend had been found dead. They’d been together for over 10 years, split over a year ago, but she (my sister) is like me, after a relationship that lasts that long there’s always feelings.

It was a shock, I sat almost speechless (apart from an involuntary ‘oh my god’) it wasn’t at all what I was braced for and was a complete shock. I stopped the messaging and April very kindly let me sit in her room as she was preparing the flat for the next guests and Skype home. He was a diabetic and it’s thought he’d slipped into a diabetic coma. My sister feels so responsible that she should have been there to take care of him – crazy thought, they’d been separated for over a year and he had loads of brothers and sisters…… But still, I totally understand her thinking.

Being so far away it’s very surreal, can almost believe it’s not happened, especially as I had a train to jump on and a fun evening ahead.

I had to pick up my stuff and head into the cbd to meet Andrew (who I met on the Cambodian/Laos border) and his friend Scott to head to the Etihad Stadium and go see some Aussie rules football. We met outside the station and I burst into tears! I think they were totally panicked, but then totally understanding. We walked my rucksack back to their car. I donned the beanie they’d brought me – Essendon, we walked back to the stadium and joined the game!!


The rules are surprisingly understandable once you’re up to speed! And the game Essendon vs Hawthorn was really exciting, lots of points scored, 4 and 20 pie at halftime, major Essendon come back, but we still lost by 3 points.



Andrew drove us back to his house in the burbs – Ferntree Gully – love the name!

Was gone midnight when we arrived, time for bed, still hyped up from the game and thinking about the days events, eventually got to sleep, but feelings in turmoil, I didn’t sleep well.


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