Wednesday 26th March – time to say goodbye

I was woken with a start by more kookaburras, but it did mean I could phone another friend and catch up on more news from home with then time for a snooze!

Stacy was heading to work, so we were up to have cups of tea and say goodbye – was great staying there.

Then it was all systems go for packing showering and heading to the airport. We used the last of our bus tickets to get into the city and then took the train to the airport – not sure I’ve mentioned the trains, they’re triple deckered and you can move the seat backs so your seat can face either direction of travel – so clever!

I checked in and was offered an exit aisle – whoop extra leg room! Security looked horrendous so checked how long it was likely to take and she recommended queuing ‘like now’.

This meant it was time to say goodbye to my bf, no last coffee and chat like we’d planned….. Was v sad to say goodbye especially as with my plan of trying to get a job and stay out in NZ means I don’t know when I’ll be back and if I do go back for how long….. So neither of us had to wave the other off (I was flying from domestic terminal and he was international) we agreed I’d walk towards security and he’d head back to the train – we must have looked crazy!

The lady was correct, it took 40 minutes to queue and then 2 seconds to get through….. Did notice there was no passport/id check – maybe as it’s internal??

Anyway, headed straight for the gate and waited to board.

The flight was uneventful, the middle seat was free so I put my feet up and snoozed!

I got a bus into Melbourne cbd and then a train back out to South Yarra where I stayed with a friend of a friend in her really lovely Art Deco flat. She wasn’t in so I headed out to find a coffee, it turned into wine (it was happy hour) and a really good burger.

Got back and met April, we chatted, turns out she’s off to Cambodia soon!


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