Tuesday 25th March – back to Sydney

Up early and went downstairs to try and encourage my photos to upload faster – took from 5:11pm until 9:14am to upload 152 photos using the YHA ‘super fast WiFi’, clearly they’ve never experienced the WiFi in Auckland’s library.

Breakfast, shower, pack, station, train was the order of the morning. The train BTW is a bargain $8.60 Australian!

We got into Wynyard Station and were met by Stacey who gave us keys to the flat and on the bus we hopped to then go drop our bags and get food.

Ended back at the pub we’d eaten on the first night and had a sharing platter, v yummy, and one, which turned into 2 pints – it started to rain, what else were we to do?!

Back at the flat we faffed until Stacey was home from work and she took us out to Balmoral to see the beach (lovely) and to $8 steak night. Massive steaks, you cook them yourself, add some salad and voila, more food than really anyone should eat in 1 or even 2 days.

We went home and watched ‘Give it a year’, actually OK!!

Then being sensible people we headed to bed, busy day tomorrow


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