Monday 24th – rain day

Pouring with rain today

Had a v lazy morning, breakfast, coffee, photo faffing, blog writing

By lunchtime it was time to get some fresh air. It was raining less, but not stopped. Took a walk up the main street in Katoomba, a definite up! Then stopped at The Paragon for lunch. It’s a really old cafe that’s interior hasn’t changed for nearly 100 years, it’s preserved by Australian heritage now. The wet weather had clearly had an effect on me as I opted for the healthy option of scones, cream, jam and a hot chocolate with marshmallows – all delicious – the scones were warm and the chocolate chocolatey!!

Then rolled back to the hostel to hide from the rain and more blogging (I need to learn to write less!!)

In the evening we ventured out to the cinema. They clearly had high hopes for it. Its a big complex with 3 screens, something you’d expect in a decent sized town, not on the outskirts of what really is a pretty small town. We went to see Monuments Men and there were 8 of us in a screen that could have fit at least a couple of hundred people…..

The film was great, v funny and poignant (had to Google that as ‘poiniant’ wasn’t getting auto corrected!) But most excitingly my pt from home, the wonderful Jel was an extra in it – didn’t know for sure, but spotted him (I checked after and it was him, stood on some steps by a Jeep!!)

Dinner was again pasta, tuna and veg – living the dream!


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