Sunday 23rd March – walk to Leura

Another relatively lazy morning, but were out before midday!!

Walked into town, bumped into the nightwarden from the hostel and stopped for a chat. He recommended a nice cafe over in Leura and also a good lookout spot by the library, so general wandering was abandoned and we decided to follow his recommendations!

Took a while to find the library, it wasn’t signposted, turned out to be above a supermarket, popped in for an apple and went to see the view. Was pretty good, just some massive warehouses spoiling the view over the mountains!

The walk to Leura only takes about 20 minutes, which I think is actually quicker than the train (they’re so slow) and you get to walk along Megalong Road, it’s also v hilly.

Had been to Leura last time I was in oz and soon enough we were walking past the fab woodwork shop I’d spent a fortune in last time. Well, I say walking past, what I mean is walking in…. Thankfully the barometers and wombats I’d fallen for last time were now made from a different wood and no where near as nice, so my spendy pennies were safe.

We had lunch at the Red Door – the food was amazing as was the service – go if you can! I had the salt cod/potato fritter with a fab salad with hazelnuts in and to drink a cold drip coffee – never heard of it before, but after my request for a black iced coffee seemed to cause some chaos it was suggested as a suitable alternative. Basically iced water is dripped through ground coffee and then collected – takes several hours to get 500ml…. Totally worth the wait (not that I had to wait that long!)

We walked back to Katoomba via the Leura Falls and then the Prince Henry Cliff Walk – fairly self explanatory, along the cliff and then to the Three Sisters. We’d just taken our photos there as the rain started, we took shelter in the visitors centre until it slowed enough to take a dash back up the hill to the YHA.

As it was raining it seemed a good idea to get cups if tea and take advantage of the empty tv room. For some reason we’d been talking about the film ‘Thank you for not smoking’ and there it was, v funny and kept us out of the rain!

Dinner was a spectacular pasta, tuna and veg while laundry was done – so domesticated……


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