Friday 21st March

Woken by a kookaburra chatting on the window ledge around 6am and that was me awake….

Dozed until 8 and got up to find rainbow lorikeets eating apple on the balcony!

Showered etc and worked out how to get bus over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and into the Rocks – find a nice man in the newsagent, tell him you want 10 tickets to zone 2 and hand him money, the bus stop was outside his shop!

I’d been to Sydney 9 years ago and remember that there was an amazing cheesecake shop in The Rocks – this was our breakfast destination! Couldn’t quite believe the shop was still there, the Rock Cafe, but now it’s less about the cheesecake and more just fancy cakes. So in an odd move for me, where generally I have no issue with cake for breakfast, I opted for some granola and yogurt!

Tummys filled we headed put to see the sights

Sydney Harbour Bridge – check!


Sydney Opera House – check!



Botanical Gardens – check!




Tourist stuff done we had to work out where to get a bus back to Cremone, just past Neutral Bay (where we’re staying) from. It should have been simple, but there was a one way system, it was busy, buses weren’t stopping where they said they would, but eventually we found the one we needed, hopped on and took a welcome seat!

Back at the flat took advantage of the free calls to the UK! Just to say that it’s only to landlines and I tried some people and they were out and didn’t leave a message. But my most exciting call was to friends I’ve not spoken to in so long but that have recently been in touch to say they’re having a baby – I’m so happy and excited for them, it’s been a long journey to get where they are and I’m really sad I’m not there now to give them both massive hugs and that I’m going to have to wait so long to say hello to the little one when it arrives.

We ventured out and had Thai food for dinner. It was a byo so I popped out to find some wine. As I went in the shop I was accosted by a man telling me to taste some wine – I didn’t feel I could say no and so taste I did! The man was a friend of Gareth who was a friend of a friend of Lisa McGuigan(?) who was the lady behind the wine. It was yummy and on offer, so got a bottle of red for dinner, white for another time and then 2 mini bonus bottles for free!

Back at the Thai the service was erratic to say the least. Meals were coming out that didn’t seem to belong to anyone, but the food, when it did come, was delicious. We also had the entertainment of watching a v drunk man try to stay awake at his table while he polished off his bottle of wine!


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