Thursday 20th – last day in NZ, off to Oz

Be back soon though I hope!

A treat this morning, free eggs!! So scrambled them, added cheese left over from yesterdays sandwich making and yum-breakfast-arama

Not sure what to do with our last morning we ambled down towards the water and finally went in the biggest NZ souvenir shop I’ve seen so far – always resisted its draw, but today was the day! Wasn’t disappointed, but managed to resist buying anything!!

We continued down to the waterfront, saw a massive cruise liner and went to take a look. On the way stopped to look at some info about the docks


Then wandered into another shipping container which had post it’s all over the walls. At the end in the dark was a massive screen playing something silently, then the music started and was a mixture of Maori guys, an orchestra, other singers and a band – was awesome!



Turns out he’s quite a famous guy! Thought I might try to find the CD of the concert he was playing at but then realised I have no idea where people go to buy music – not seen a shop, nothing like HMV (are they still going in the UK?) or Fopp.


Wandered back up into town and to Albert Park – v hilly and full of really gnarly old trees – before heading down for one last Korean pancake – veg and cheese – then back to the hostel to get the bags before reception closed!

Catching a bus out to the airport soon and then flying to Sydney! Spending a week there (and the Blue Mountains) before I head to Melbourne for a week!

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