Monday 17th March

Back to Auckland…..

We were up suitably early so could get to Auckland and drop the hire car off.

The drive was uneventful and it was good to be away from the hostel and on the way to one I knew was nice – it’s the first time I’d been somewhere where I’d have been nervous of staying by myself – with someone else it just felt weird and uncomfortable.

Dropped the car off with no problems and walked back into town to drop our bags at The Attic where I’d stayed last time I was in Auckland.

Being too early to check in, bags dropped we headed to my normal coffee shop, just round the corner, but there was someone in my seat! I’ve realised I’m a creature of habit – same shower at the Sunflower Lodge, same seat in the coffee shop!!

On the wifi I’d discovered there was a job in New Plymouth with a company called Entec as a core services administrator I wanted to apply for. Not having updated my CV since leaving the UK I headed to the library to see if I could use their computers. I could! In fact you can register as a guest and book yourself hour-long slots – perfect! Also discovered that their WiFi is AMAZING, seriously amazing. I’ve uploaded a whole raft of photos that would have taken me hours or days anywhere else!!

For lunch we popped to the Korean pancake place, still super yummy, veg and cheese was the order of the day!

To counteract the good food and lack of exercise we took a walk along the waterfront and out to see the fancy boats moored in the harbour.

They were super fancy to unimaginable levels – how much money did you need to own one?

Then it was time to head back to the library and get my CV written, or at least start writing my CV – having not thought about proper work for over 4 months it was a real struggle, but after 1 hour was getting there….

There enough to leave and head out to the Mexican restaurant right next to the hostel for a really nice dinner, only thing that could have made it better was a dessert, what kind of place doesn’t have dessert????

So, to counteract the disappointment we may have picked up a bottle of wine and headed back to the hostel to chuckle away to old Adam and Joe podcasts and pretend to do some more work on my CV.


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