Saturday 15th March – heading north

The wind and rain had arrived overnight!

We were up and out for 10am after coffee and hot x buns breakfast

As we were right on the beach front it seemed rude not to take a little walk along there. The wind was so strong it was a struggle to get there and even then you were almost blown away!! After taking a few photos of the waves and spray and exchanging some cheery ‘good morning’s with other foolish people out for a walk we headed to the car to start the days adventure.



Todays journey started with a trip to Warkworth on G Adventures advice – there was the place to see some big trees – the Parry Kauri Park. They were right, there are big trees there, but not the biggest. It’s run by a really sweet guy who was integral in the founding of the park, the building of the patches and its upkeep. He’d recently had a hip operation ans asked us if we’d let him know if any trees had come down in the winds overnight. We set out to see the trees following the marked path and v informative little guide. No major trees down and just moved the odd branch that was in the way – couldn’t really expect the guy to do it himself, he was no spring chicken and using a crutch to walk!

We headed into town for brunch and found a french cafe with amazing coffee and eggy soldiers!!!!! Stayed in there for ages, the wind and rain were no encouragement to leave!


Eventually we headed off to see some kiwi, another G recommendation, but when we got to Whangarei we found ourselves stood in an empty, windswept, rainfilled carpark with a hand written sign announcing it closed. We had wanted to see Sparky – a one legged kiwi…..



Feeling rather sad we travelled on up to Piahia for night, driving along the sea front you could see where the waves had come up and over from the other side of road during the storm but not really much else, the view into the Bay of Islands was lost in the mist and rain.

We stayed at X Base for night. We were in a little 3 room block with a shared kitchenette and bathroom.

Made cous cous with fresh veg and tuna for dinner – vitamins!!!

Skyped with Nikki in China, thankfully she sounded so much happier than when spoke in Auckland, much more positive and almost looking forward to getting back on the boat – next destination San Francisco where her parents will he waiting for her.

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