Friday 14th March – Forgotten World Highway

Up, packed, breakfast and out before 10am!!

What helped that I was up at 6:30am to give Tom a lift to his bus – he’s flying home today – hence me buying Tom’s Legacy (as the car is now known) and driving him to the bus for one last trip. It was v sad to say goodbye and see him go, still hoping his Green Room plans (surf cafe and more) come to fruition, be a great place to visit to learn to be sunsmart – slip slap slop slide slurp smear step wrap

Back at the lodge, I sorted my stuff into taking away to Oz and leaving at the lodge until I’m back – leaving far more than I’m taking!!

We watched the news to see what the tropical cyclone hitting the north was up to – coming in and affecting the east side of the island was the prediction this morning – not great as that’s where we were headed!

Said goodbye to Sophie, Ana, Alan, Rachel, Conal and Marvey, but good to know I’ll see them all again soon.

Headed to the Forgotten World Highway (v cunning branding to get tourists to drive through an area!) it was a beautiful drive, amazing views of Mr T and Tongariro – bit hazy but it was there – v cool to see the peaks we’d walked around/up what feels like forever ago now but probably only a month ago!!

We also had a fun encounter with a wayward cow – his farmer in hot pursuit on a quad bike! But not long after we had a whole herd of cows in the road – we just stopped the car and let them pass by in their own good time!


Stopped in the Republic of Whangamomona for lunch, it used to have a goat as its president…..

Once we were heading north we drove past Hamilton and said hi to George – just waved from the car – and powered on through past Auckland and stopped for night in Orewa at the Top 10 Holiday park in a really cute cabin. The lady on reception said that the storm not hit yet, but to make sure to fill water bottles just in case! The storm was now predicted to be heading in a more westwardly direction, we were safe from waves where our cabin was, others closer to beach might not be!

Drove into town and found Indian take away, got back to discover no biryani sauce but extra plain rice! Not being bothered to go back we struggled on, sharing a spork, watching Alan Carr then what’s kind of an equivalent of Mock the Week, but no stand up called 7 Days.

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