Thursday 13th March – final night of mafia

Up and out by 10:30! There are too many distractions like people, TV and coffee at Sunflower to leave much earlier!!

We walked to East End along the walkway, stopped and saw Sophie – she’s working in what’s basically a shipping container but converted into a cafe – it faces onto the seafront with loads of bean bags/deck chairs to laze around in. Could have sat there all day but there was walking to do. We had to pass through Fitzroy beach and along to see the view of Mt Taranaki along the big white bridge.

Then back along the coast and into NP to see the wind wand – another amazing landmark.

We had lunch in a nice pub before walking back through the park, up past the racecourse and back to the hostel.

Sadly it was time to pack in preparation for leaving in the morning, but being in a fancy room we could watch the TV – George someone’s amazing spaces!

Then it was time for a few final rounds of Mafia. Tom had introduced us all to the game and it was his last night before heading back to the UK.

With so many people new to the game it took a while to get going, but eventually everyone was in the swing of random accusations! I spotted an assassin on the grounds he didn’t laugh enough in comparison to everyone else about the way someone had died – and I was right!! Best of all though was the final game which totally messed with Tom’s mind – he was convinced he knew which role everyone had, that we’d voted out one assassin and was convinced he knew who was the other one….. he was totally wrong – a perfect way to end a brilliant game!

We were all heading to bed when I got invited in to chat with Alan, Rachel and their friend Dave who was there for Womad. Was really lovely, 2 large glasses of wine, a good gossip and tale telling and before I knew it it was 1:30am – time for bed – I left them chatting away into the even smaller wee small hours


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