Wednesday 12th March – buy car fly plane

Up late – it was great to have a post-G Adventure lie in, but there was a text from Tom about bringing the car over….. I wandered into the kitchen to make breakfast and there he was – yeahh dogg – lucky escape as he was about to come and break into the room!!

He showed me round the car – I know as much about buying a car as he does selling it, we discussed the windows (see how they open and close), stereo (turns on and off), boot cover (holes in it for the speakers), spare tyre and jack (Tom didn’t even know they were there!), I kicked the tyres (I’ve seen my dad do this)….. and declared myself happy. So I went off to check out insurance while Tom went to sort his flights back to the UK.

The insurance was $111 for a year – ridiculously cheap, cheaper than insuring my Vespa at home. Although Vera is only 3 years old and the car, a 2l subaru legacy, is 20 years old!!

We all headed out for a test drive, Tom pointing out more features, the air con/heating, lights, indicators, all important features, also how you may accidentally turn on the fog lights with your knees when getting into the car!

Tom and I really shouldn’t be allowed to spend this much time together we tried to fill out the paperwork to transfer the ownership, but couldn’t quite work it out, so a mad dash to post office ensued (we had to be somewhere for 5, setting off at 4, the time was about 3:45!). The lady in the post office was great and thankfully there was no queue! We both had a really short form to fill out and after handing over $9 Tom’s Legacy was mine (well, $9 and the money I gave Tom!).

Left Tom to take a final drive in his car and we set off to Hawera. There is a circular route to get there, I went to wrong way round the circle, we went on the Surf Highway, even though the scenery was zooming by, we were going to be about 30minutes late… Texted Hayden, the guy we were meeting, this turned out to be fine as he was having issues too!

Thankfully we’d driven past where we were headed the day before so for once I knew exactly where we were going. I’d managed to keep it a surprise, we were heading up in a plane to, fingers crossed, fly over Mount Taranaki!!!!!

It was a beautiful day, a few clouds over Mt T so Hayden wasnt prepared to commit that we’d fly over – would depend on winds once we were up. We got settled in the plane (Cessna something or other), I called shotgun for the front! Headsets on, seatbelts on, Hayden did a few checks (seemed to involve a lot of switch flicking) and we headed down the runway!!

We were so lucky, we got to fly up to 8000ft, circle round the mountain – the feared turbulence was non-existent and the view was amazing. Could clearly see that Edgmont National Park is a big circle, the walking tracks, the huts on the mountain, or course we flew over the Fontera plant and the Hawera water tower – major South Taranaki landmarks!!

Also I got to have a go at the controls – the reason for calling shotgun!!! It was waaay cooler than when Andy took me, Clare and Jenny (hello!) in the flight simulator!??

Sadly it was time to head down all too soon, could have stayed up all day. We had to get down below a band of cloud and so got to do a cool downwards spiral, great fun with plane tilted over at 45 degrees!!

Can’t wait to do it again – already have plans to go up in winter when there’s snow on the mountain – will be an early morning trip apparently, beat the old guys to the plane, they don’t like the dark!!

The drive back was more relaxed and we took the sorter route, stopped to take photos of a cloudless Mt T – first time I’d ever seen it.

Cous cous and fish for dinner and a quiet night, promised to go and see Sophie at her new cafe job in the morning


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