Wednesday 5th – Doubtful Sound

Up early for 7am breakfast and pop out to get lunch (subway) before getting on the bus for 8am

Dub Dub (the bus) had been suffering with a beeping door alarm, it was meant to have been fixed, but as we pulled away, clearly not, so we had a trip to the mechanics. Their fix? disconnect the beeps!

My notes from today are somewhat sketchy on detail….

Remarkables run due north to south, only one other place this happens – where?

Devils staircase to kingston

Photo stop at mountains – don’t have names! Devils staircase lookout

Through Garston, NZ most inland village

Good sheep fields but ruined by cows hiding behind trees

Finally uninterrupted fields of sheep and not a cow in sight!

Animals for day

Stopped at Mossburn Diner for quick pitstop, also a playground with a flying fox – who could say no???

Got to place with ferry. Had 40 minutes so went for walk into ‘town’ and back along lake side

Got ferry over Lake Manapouri where we had lunch and free tea/coffee! Then a coach over the Wilmot Pass to where we were staying.

Dumped our stuff at Doubtful Sound Lodge, our home for the night.

Went on 2 hr walk to see power station outlet tunnels, Helena Falls and then walk back along sound

Had mince 2 ways, spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner

We were then issued with our kit for the next day – super stripey thermals, fleece and anorange splash proof jacket. In order to get dessert we had to be wearing our thermals!! We were rewarded with a bowl of peach crumble – yum!!

Chatted with our kayaking guides about why Doubtful is misnamed. Its not a Sound, but a fiord…. A sound is caused by river erosion (making V shaped valleys) then flooded by the sea, whereas a fiord, is caused by glacial erosion (U shaped valleys) is what is all around this area. Instead of changing the names of all the Sounds to Fiords they’ve just called the area Fiordland!

We also watched an awesome short film filmed over the fiords over 3 years to a soundtrack from the LOTR guys. Ata Whenua

Early start in the morning – up at 6am…..


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