Monday 3rd

We woke up to more snow on the hills. It was a chilly day, but sunny, so really no complaints.

We had 2 ‘free days’ in Queenstown and this morning was due to be spent watching some of the group doing a Canyon Swing. Kind of like a bungy jump, but different! You jump, go down, but then swing out, so you’re not jolted back up. Apparently 70 different ways of jumping/being dropped, forwards, backwards, sideways, sat in a chair, off a slide, upside down…. the list goes on.
Watching people go was not as scary as skydiving, but maybe that’s because I wasn’t following them! As Dany jumped I said ‘goodbye Dany’, a random american man then asked me if she was my daughter…. as I’m not much more than 10 years older than her he didn’t get a great response!

We got a lift back into town and treated ourselves (it was stressful watching and being in charge of photos!) to a Ferg Burger – a thing of legend among my friends who have previously been to Queenstown and was very yummy, but none of us sure if it was worth the hype – the ones at Tui in Abel Tasman we just as good…….

After lunch we went and booked bikes at Outside Sport for the following day. I popped into STA to sort out flights to Sydney/Melbourne/Auckland!

Dinner was at a pub called the Apple and Pig or something…. A v yummy chicken, brie and cranberry burger, I requested salad instead of chips, an attempt at a healthier option, but it was drowned in dressing……

It had turned into a rainy cold evening and we headed back to the hostel for cups of tea before bed!


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