Sunday 2nd March

Today was mostly a travel day – we were heading to Queenstown.

Had a couple of stops along the way………

Lake Matherson which is a mirror lake, does what it says on the tin, v sheltered so the water is v calm and mirrors it’s surroundings, or does until someone throws a stone in there! Or after a while longer it starts to rain……

Had a sneaky look in the gift shop when we got back and bought my first NZ souvenir – a wooden kiwi – it would have been rude not to!

We drove through Cardrona, an old town that has the hotel from the Speights advert, not changed since first built!

Then we went past some massive lakes, the names of which escape me and we drove over the Crown Range, 1076m at its highest point.

We got a glimpse of Queenstown and its snow dusted (!) hills – autumn officially starts 1st March, so pretty prompt on the South Island!

After a quick cruise through town and back with Shortie pointing out the sights we stopped at the hostel. We were staying in Nomads, just by the waterfront and town (although nothing was far away)

We went to Red Rock, a bar, for a $10 dinner of beer and bbq. There was a cool band playing who were happy to meet our request of 500 miles and promptly inherited 20 backing singers!

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