Thursday 27th February – pancakes anyone?

Woke up before my alarm and headed out to boil the kettle ready for proper coffee! Had crunchy peanut butter and Vegemite in toast and some v good plums.

We left the holiday park at 8am and drove to Westport to pick up lunch (bargain 2 loaves bread for $0.99 and pastrami) via Murchison where we stopped for coffee.

We went to the Tauranga Bay Seal colony for lunch. Could see them in the distance from a raised viewing platform – was a great way to spend a lunchtime, the seals were very playful company, swimming in the pools, basking in the sun and general loving life.

From there we drove along the coast, amazing views all the way, people have been right about the south island being beautiful, everywhere has amazing scenery!

We stopped at our final destination for the day, Punakaiki, and, after picking up a passion fruit ice cream from the cafe, went for a walk along a track to see the Pancake Rocks – amazing rock formations formed by a weathering process called stylobedding (I looked it up). Sadly we weren’t there at hightide when the waves crash up through the blowholes created by limestone erosion.

We stayed the night on a cool hostel tucked away in the rainforest – Te Nikau Retreat – in a house called Nikau Lodge. Would love to go back and stay in the clear-roofed stargazer hut! We had a group dinner of spaghetti bolognese followed by apple crumble and hokey pokey icecream!


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