Wednesday – saw a penguin!!!!

Woke just after 7 after a really good sleep to the sound of breakfast being set up. Climbed up out of our room and into the kitchen to find lots of people up before our designated 8am start and cereal and toast awaiting us.

We’d had a discussion last night about UK vs NZ Marmite and it seemed the right time to try some of the NZ stuff. Had half a slice of Marmite and half Vegemite. The Marmite is nothing like the UK version, much less salty and weaker tasting – you had to put loads on! Vegemite won that battle hands down especially when it was mixed with crunchy peanut butter! There were some very friendly ducks by the boat – we were allowed to feed them but not the seagulls – a rule that was firmly enforced!

Then it was time for a quick repack, tooth brush and onto the mini rib for a lift to shore on Anchorage beach. Once we were all there, shoes/boots on, we went on a walk very much up hill to a view point to look out over the coast. A good heart pumping hill and the reward was spectacular.

After a much easier trip downhill back to the beach we were left to our own devices to head back to Marahau where we’d got the water taxi from and our home for the night was going to be.

We set off around 10:30 and had another good hill to climb – 25 minutes worth! But once at the top it was a gentle undulating route in the trees, mostly in the shade with occasional glimpses of beaches and the sea below. By 12pm we were looking for a lunch spot and decided on Appletree Bay. The beach had quite a few people on (by NZ standards) but we walked down a bit and found a nice shady spot under a tree where we could all sit.

Lunch was what we’d bought the day before – I’d been tempted by the scones and had one savoury with butter and the sultana one with jam – yum. Also discovered we’d accidentally got a bottle of fizzy water, but made a nice change from still!

After lunch went for a lie in the dappled shade for a read and promptly went to sleep! Woke up cold, moved into more sun for a bit more of a doze.

Eventually was chilly again – that sun does keep moving – so decided, as it was nearly 3pm to start walking again.

What a great thing that we did, as we were walking along the shoreline to the steps up to the path people were showing a lot of interest in something in the water – it was a penguin!!!! I’ve always wanted to see one in the wild, but never thought would just come across one playing in the waves, but there it was!! Sat for ages watching it dive into the waves and pop up further along the beach, or swim through the waves and pop up on the sand! Eventually it seemed to get tired of that and went for a sit on the rocks and finally disappeared from sight – so lucky to see it – were some kayakers the other side of it who never spotted it….…


Then continued on our way, crossed over lots of streams running down into the sea, came round a corner and found 2 girls stood really still, there was a mum, dad and 3 baby birds on the path, from my description so far they might be quails, any advance on that?? We watched them for a while until the girls headed off, they ran away, so we went too.

It took us an hour to walk out of the park from our lunch spot, so were out by 4 and then a short walk back to where we were staying at the Marahau Beach Camp.

Had a sit down and a chill out before sitting and playing shithead with a mug of wine, living the dream!

We all went for dinner at Tui Burger, just a short walk down the road, the burgers were massive and packed with filling and salad. I had a fish burger – so yummy and amazing but totally unnecessary chips.

When we got back I took myself off to bed, was tired


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