Monday 24th February – start of the G Adventure

No laundry to do this morning but did have another breakfast of coffee and bagel – jam and cream cheese

Had to do a massive pack separating out stuff to leave behind while we went on our travels – was good to be back to a sensibly packed rucksack! Paid $20 to leave a massive bag for 2 weeks – bargain!

Headed out via the book swap they have at the YHA, nothing super inspiring unfortunately. We walked down the street and dropped our bags at the Nomads Wellington hostel, our home for the night with G Adventures.

We went into the city and were successful in our sim card/camera cleaning mission. On our way to the waterfront came across another Korean pancake place like the one in Auckland – perfect! Sat on a sunny bench to eat them.

Then headed back to Te Papa via the waterfront. So glad to go back, the exhibitions are fab. I loved the one they have showing the 4 half stones from the 4 corners of NZ. The stones were split on millennium eve and were donated by 4 areas around NZ, they retain the other halves – thought it was a lovely symbolic thing to have done.

By the time we’d visited all the floors it was time to head back and check in properly to Nomads, headed off to our separate dorms with instructions to pack a day bag for the following day!

I was in a 4 person dorm room. First to arrive was Beth from America, I popped out for a bit and returned to find we’d been joined by Lucy from Hertfordshire but went to uni in Nottingham and Danni from Germany. All lovely girls and at 7 we headed downstairs to meet our other adventurers. As I turned out we were only meeting the people who were new to what was a larger trip, so us 4 and 4 guys (1 who was bf, the other 3 were 2 Germans Toby and Raphael and Tim from Surrey. We as a chat with Shortie (real name Carmen) who gave us a quick run down of tomorrow and explained we would be joining with guys who’d just done the North Island with her. We went through to the bar for dinner and didn’t meet the others as they sat at a separate table – not much mingling went on! It got a bit better after dinner, but still mostly spoke to people leaving the trip! Did meet Steph who was lovely.

Headed to bed relatively early, but Danni and Beth were already there! Early start in morning, leaving at 7am, so breakfast at 6……


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